Influencer Guide

Influencers are the people who can create an impact on your industry through their content. In simpler term, they are the online speakers for your product, service or industry. They could be the bloggers who reach an audience relevant to you, referral sources, and editors of newsletters that hit your target audience or even your loyal customers. Influencers are specific to discrete market segments. The question is how to find right influencers for your business? Finding an influencer to share your content so that it can be viewed by his followers is very difficult.

myroSys provides an easy way to find the influencers. The whole process has been explained under three easy steps. First step, would be 'Identify Influencer', which tells you how to find an influencer, and influencers of your influencer. Second step, would suggest you ways to build online / offline relationships with your influencers. Third step, would indicate you how to connect with your influencer.

You can use 'Manual' function if you know the name of the influencer or 'Automatic' function if you don't know your influencers. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Let's say you found Thomas with 'Automatic' search and you want him to share your post, as he is a leader in his area of expertise. You can start building relationship directly with Thomas. However, if you don't have a direct relationship with him, you need to find someone in common. The first step for this would be

Identfy Influencer

Search for Thomas and see what type of content he is sharing with his contacts. You need to find a post that he has shared. Look for a post by that influencer who has an account in a reasonable amount of contacts. Now say Thomas has shared Charlie's content, which indicates both share some kind of trust. This means contacting Charlie might get you the attention of Thomas as well.

You can find influencers automatically or manually.

Automatic Mode:

There are two methods in automatic mode:

Klout :It is an easy way to find your influencers on Twitter. This feature gets you influencers automatically from Klout. Steps to be followed:

  • Search for a valid Twitter user name from the web. Example: For person 'X', search for a valid twitter user name on the web.
  • Once you have got a valid user name, enter it in the box provided. You will see a message about whether it is valid twitter user name or not.
  • If it is a valid Twitter user name, click 'Get Influencers'.
  • After clicking 'Get Influencers', you will get a list of all relevant influencers.
  • Choose the one with whom you want to connect and start sharing your content.

Search :It helps you identify Facebook and Twitter users as influencers from myroSys saved search results. Steps to be followed:

  • Select keyword among the saved search results list.
  • Select keyword among the saved search results list.
  • Click 'Identify Influencers'.
  • Connect with the identified influencers and start sharing your content.

Manual Mode : It helps you search your influencers manually by selecting Facebook, Twitter or email.

  • You first need to select among Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Once you have selected any of the above, you need to enter the influencers user name that you want to invite
  • Enter the desired user name in the given box and click identify. You can check whether the user name is valid or not by clicking Check Validity button.
  • Once you have found the desired influencer, you can send an invite through Invite button on top of the list.

Build relationship with influencer:

Building relationship with your influencer is the most important and difficult task as this would help you leverage the benefits of his reach. Once you have found a right contact (Thomas in our example), and subsequent connections like Charlie, try to establish some sort of "relationship" before asking him to share your content.

There are a plenty of ways to reach out and make a connection through social media accounts. Identify a list of people you want to get in touch with and also a list of people who you might know who also knows those people. Ask for a quick introduction and take things from there. Some suggestions:

Online methods:

  • When we talk about influencers we often mean bloggers. Blog Search could be used as a tool to find and build relationship with your influencer.
  • Organize a webinar inviting all your potential influencers could be a way to stimulate their interest.
  • Do not forget to search communities and fan pages on Facebook etc.
  • Twitter search and LinkedIn connections can also be used for relationship building.

Offline methods:

  • Organize a special event/seminar/conference can be a good way to connect and build relationships. Invite all those people who you can think of as your potential influencer.
  • Meet them at related business parties, conferences and seminars.
  • Search relevant "clubs" or "associations" in your city or country and see if they are also the members there.
  • Attend related events put on by your local galleries where your influencers show up.
  • Make sure you attend the Chamber events at least once in a year
  • Keep networking at local craft fairs and shows.

Don't forget to prepare a list of various other companies and clients who will also be in attendance at that event. Also, follow up with a simple e-mail or telephone call.

After you've connected with some people, keep offering to help them out. Connections can be built by providing something of value first; may be a comment on their posting to start with Build relationsip with influencer

Connect Influencer:

In this step reach out to one of the connection (Charlie here) and make a contact either through their social media accounts or email id directly.
Once a connection is made with Charlie, share your content with him. If he shares your content, it is quite possible that Thomas will also see and re-share it giving exposure to thousands of more people than you had before.
This creates a win-win situation for everyone. In case Thomas does not share your content, you did get Charlie to share your content among another group of people that was out of your reach.

Connect through social media accounts Connect Through e-mail