myRosys Platform

Our social media management tool brings you a host of user-friendly benefits that make your social media campaigns more potent while reducing the required effort for the same.

Any organization is not a single level entity. Each organization is a hierarchical body with different roles for different levels. Take advantage of our robust platform scaling across agencies and multi-level companies.

“myRosys, lets you create Company, Divisions and Profiles that can be mapped to the various roles of employees in the organization.”

Specific roles for each profile to support digital marketing agencies:

  • Company in myRosys, represents your brand.
  • Division is mapped to a function of your company.
  • Profile is mapped to a specific campaign or community within each division. Each profile can have different roles:

    • Manager: Leads the campaign and moderates each post published to the social media. Also assigns posts to the content writer and approves, rejects or suggests rework to the content submitted by the content writer.
    • Reviewer: Writes the content for the posts and submits for approval.
    • User: Peer to the content writer and provides review comments.
Also, make your job simpler with the help of our ingenious ranking engine, MScore.

Company Hierarchy

Features Of myRosys Platform

Unified Dashboard

A singular dashboard to view the progress of your social media marketing efforts makes your life simpler.

Robust Hierarchy

Enhance the performance of your social media campaign by effectively managing the user roles and responsibilities.

In-depth Analytics

Measure and analyze the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and detailed reports for keyword searches.

Notification Alerts

Stay on top of all the updates with myRosys's real-time notification system.

Sort by importance

Identify individuals who are important for your brand and campaign with the help of our ingenious esScore calculator.

Track Follower Activities

MFollow helps you effectively monitor social networking activities of your followers and influencers.