Social Media Monitoring

People constantly share their opinions about various brands with their friends. They do so while shopping, while talking over phone and most of all, they do so online. Your target audience is always expressing their views about your brand.

They share their feedback about your products and services - both good and bad. They share their needs and the gaps that your product or service needs to fill.
Get smarter by knowing what is on their mind. All the time!

Social Media Monitoring empowers you to design your social media campaigns in line with your target audience's needs and expectations.”

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge of your brand's reputation around the clock.
  • Monitor social media noise before launching your campaigns.
  • Keep an eye on your social mentions and track the latest trends by effective social media listening during your campaign runs.

Features of Social Media Monitoring

Extensive Keyword Setup

Easily monitor social conversations around your campaign by setting up as many keywords as you want.

Analyze Results

View and analyze various reports for your campaign such as Twitter sentiment analysis, trending keywords, hourly noise, and many more. All this on a single social media dashboard!

Track of Your Searches

Find the entire history of your campaign monitoring searches in our social media research archive.

Customize Keyword Search

Use our social media management tool to customize the keyword search for multiple platforms, several locations, different languages, and any particular frame in time.

Multiple Search Results

Gain access to holistic social noise around your campaign with graphs and reports for multiple keyword searches. Also, test the waters by comparing the social noise around your campaigns to that of your competitor.

Track Your Followers

Stay on top of your followers' activities with the help of e-Follow.