Social Media Post Management

Engagement with the audience' is at the core of every digital marketing campaign. And posting content and sharing information with your followers is the best way to engage your audience. But with vast amount of content that needs to be shared on various social media platforms, it becomes extremely difficult to manage these posts manually.

myRosys is a social media management tool for post publishing that allows you to post content to multiple social platforms at once. It enables you to plan out the entire social media campaign in advance and schedule the posts for future.

What if you do not write the content?
You now have the power to assign posts to another user and review their work before publishing the content with the robust reviewer process in place.

What if you do not want to publish the content right now?
You can schedule the content for up to one year in advance using myRosys calendar feature.

Features of Social Media Post Management

Develop Detailed Posts

Comfortably design meticulous posts by providing the campaign name, title, description, message to be posted, networks to be posted on, and additional media content such as images and/or links.

Assign Task to Content Writer

Effortlessly assign posts to the content writer by simply describing the post's context and expected time of submission. Track all assigned posts in the Post Calendar.

Plan Ahead of Time

Plan ahead by scheduling tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn group discussion topics, and Google Plus posts up to one year. Queue as many posts as your campaign requires.

Get Notified in Real Time

Give your social media campaign an edge over others by receiving notifications about post creation, content approval, content rework, content review, and content rejection right on the notification bar. Save time by real time update notifications.

Organize Your Calendar

One single social media dashboard in the form of a calendar to view and edit your scheduled post. Also check status of posted content at a glimpse in the grid view or inspect the details of the posts in the list view.

Import social posts

Using myRosys, users can import post(s) from social media platforms and send them in their network for amplification