myRosys uses state-of-art and innovative Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence mechanisms to engage Industry Influencers.

In order to make your social media campaign viral, increase Facebook likes, and get more Twitter followers for your brand, you need to utilize the vast network of friends and followers of your industry influencers and your organization's stakeholders.

Stakeholders are employees of your organization, your business partners, or even shareholders of your organization.”

They are directly affected by your organization's decisions and have inherent interest in your company’s progress. Your stakeholders have their own network of friends and professionals on the social platforms. Thus, engaging your stakeholders becomes essential to amplify your social media impact.

Influencers are major referral sources, popular bloggers, editors of newsletters relevant to your industry, or even your loyal customers.”

Influencers create an impact on your industry through their network of connections. Making use of your influencers' social prowess by urging them to share your content with their network is called influencer marketing.

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Stakeholder management

Influencer management

1. Identify all the Industry Influencers

Easily identify and connect with the industry stalwarts from a single screen. Identify influencers through direct keyword search, Klout or Twitter handles.

2. Leverage the Stakeholder Advantage

Add all the stakeholders from your organization to leverage their social networks and to increase the reach of your social content many folds.

3. Effective Influencers and Stakeholders Management

Reduce your social media marketing efforts by sending the amplification request to a set of similar people with a single click. This helps in targeted marketing.