Twitter Follower Management

Is Twitter important for your campaigns?

Well, Twitter is the fastest way to spread thoughts. So, Twitter definitely is important for every social media campaign.

But, to increase relevant followers is very cumbersome as Twitter allows to add only one follower at a time. Twitter also has a limit of 140 characters for posting. Our social media management tool overcomes these hurdles and makes your social media campaigns successful.

Expand the reach of your social media marketing efforts by getting more relevant Twitter followers. Our social media marketing tool enhances your Twitter marketing by effective follower management.

Features of Twitter Follower Management

Identify Important Individuals

Setup social media monitoring for your industry and brand related keywords, and identify individuals who are important for your brand with the help of MScore. Higher the score, more relevant is the identified individual.

Get Follow Back Notification

View at a glance who all followed you back with the help of timely alerts on your dashboard.

Ease of Following

View all the individuals identified using keyword search on a singular social media dashboard and follow them easily from the same screen. No need to go to their individual profiles separately.

Unfollow Made Easy

View all the profiles you are following on a single screen and unfollow the unrequired ones effortlessly.

Track Follower Activities

Pursue all your followers by enabling MFollow and easily track Twitter activities of all your followers.

Elaborative Content Possible

Do not let yourself be bounded by the 140 character limit. Convey your message with conviction and establish a better connect with your audience.