It is beyond doubt that Social media has exerted an unprecedented influence on the 2016 United States presidential election, driving, rather than merely following, developments; right from the very start.

Till the last day before polls and even today during the buildup for the poling day, analysts assumed that Democratic party candidate, Ms. Hillary Clinton, might lead by a narrow margin. But the results are otherwise. Republican party candidate Mr. Donald Trump is the new President of the United States of America. We used our social media marketing software, myRosys, to analyze the sentiments of the users on social media.

Here are the results:

Word Clouds: There seems to be lot of buzz on social media around the keywords, such as #imvotingbecause, Clinton, Donald, presidential elections. While most of the keywords are candidate specific, some are related to social media campaigns as well like #imvotingbecause.word-cloud-newSentiment: As per the sentiment analysis of posts, majority of the people were with either positive or neutral reactions. For the word sentiment, users used equal proportions of positive and negative

Noise: Below is a summary of noise that occurred on different social media portals for the trending keywords. As could be seen from the hourly noise graph, the noise spiked high with the run-up to the polling day.sdf sfsf

+ve Sentiments: Out of much talked about topic, myRosys identified top positive views of people shared on social media.


-ve Sentiments: As some people have positive reviews about the USA Election 2016, there were some people with negative views as well. Here are the top 3 results.


Likes: Here are top 3 posts which most of the people liked.likes

Shared Post: During the elections users on social media seemed quite vocal to share their views about USA election 2016. Below is the top 3 identified result by myRosys.retweet