In this article, you’ll discover 10 Facebook tips to widen your visibility and reach during the holiday season.

Before you utilize the power of Facebook, take the time to plan your promos and content.

#1: Create a Content Calendar With Key Dates

Looking to increase holiday sales? Make sure you know the key dates. Note the shopping holidays following Thanksgiving: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, as well as Christmas, Chanukah, and other celebrations.

Create a word document or spreadsheet, or use a project management tool to keep track of what holidays you want to cover on social media.

Remember, you can play off of all of the holidays, not just the traditional ones. Consider getting a copy of Chase’s Calendar of Events each year or at least look at the special month holiday celebrations.

To really stand out, be the first in your industry to start posting. For example, ecommerce site Nanigans is at the top of my mind, since they were one of the first I saw post this season.

Once you decide which holidays your company will celebrate and highlight with your content, work backward to ensure timely, relevant content is created, tested, and scheduled.

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