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Late night mysterious tweet by US President Donald Trump “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”, has not only left his followers baffled and a little concerned but has also made the entire social media audience going crazy to search the meaning of the word “Covfefe”. The nonsensical message was retweeted more than 125,000 times and was widely covered in the mainstream press overnight. Some speculate it to be “Coverage” but who knows!! The tweet was present until early morning when Mr. Trump replaced it with “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??  Enjoy!”. An attempt to cover the goof-up OR a genuine attempt towards satire?

We used our social media marketing software, myRosys, to analyze the user sentiments on social media space and know more about it. Here are the results:

Word Cloud: There seems to be lot of buzz on social media around the keywords, such as #covfefe, #trump, @realdonaldtrump, press, negative.myRosys - Word Cloud

Sentiment: As per the sentiment analysis of posts, majority of the people were with neutral reactions. For the word sentiment, users used near about equal proportions of positive and negative words.


Noise: Below is a summary of noise that occurred on different social media networks for the trending keywords. As could be seen from the hourly noise graph, the noise spiked high with the run-up during tweet hours.

noise 1

noise 2

noise 3

+ve Sentiments: Out of much talked about topic, myRosys identified top positive views of people shared on social media.

positive sentiment

-ve Sentiments: As some people have positive reviews about the Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Tweet, there were some people with negative views as well. Here are the top 5 results.

negative sentiment

Shared Post: Users on social media seemed quite vocal to share their views on #Covfefe. Below are the top 5 identified result by myRosys.


The real reason behind posting #Covfefe is still unknown but one thing is for sure, it has added one more word into the Urban Dictionary while making twitterati go crazy towards predicting the meaning, if any.