Social Media Day (30 June) was launched by the popular website Mashable back in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. In modern times, Social Media has been widely used by individuals and organizations of all scales and magnitude.

As we celebrate World Social Media Day today, we used our social media marketing software, myRosys, to analyze the user buzz around this day and gauge their sentiments, and here are the results:

Word Cloud: We found lots of buzz on social media around the keyword and prominent words used are #socialmediaday, #smday, #socialmedia, social, etc.

Word Cloud

Sentiment: As per the post(s) sentiment analysis, majority of the people were with neutral reactions. For the word sentiment, users seem to be using positive words in their communication on social media platforms.


Noise: Below is a summary of noise that occurred on different social media networks for the trending keywords. As could be seen from the hourly noise graph, the noise spiked high with the run-up during tweet hours.

Noise 1

Noise 2

Noise 3

Noise 4

Noise 5

+ve Sentiments: Out of much talked about topic, myRosys identified top positive views of people shared on social media.

+ sentiments

Likes: Here are top 3 posts which most of the people liked.


Celebrate #SocialMediaDay on different social platform – Start a hashtag, upload a photo and update your status!