“I’ve had to learn to fight all my life – got to learn to keep smiling. If you smile things will work out.”-Serena Williams

The 2018 US Open tournament concluded last week and Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams in the finals. The finale was bit controversial because of some remarks by Serena. While her behavior has been roundly criticised in some quarters and praised in others, the 23-times grand slam champion is attempting to move past the controversy and return to normality.

We used our social media management software, myRosys, to analyze social media conversations around the 2018 US Open Finals and analyzed the user sentiments. Here are our findings:

  1. Word Cloud: It shows that the prominent keywords used on various social media platforms related to the US Open final. We discovered that “Naomi Osaka”,  “Serena Williams,” and “Women’s Final” were used most prominently on social media platforms.Word Cloud - US Open Final
  2.  Sentiment Analysis: Analysis of the posts shows a neutral sentiment of users, whereas word sentiment analysis shows a positive sentiment.Sentiment Analysis - US Open Final
  3. Top Liked Posts: Posts on Twitter got the largest number of likes and engagement by the users.Most Liked - US Open Final
  4. Top Retweeted posts: Top retweeted posts shows people are divided into this controversy happened in the finale.Retweet - US Open Final

The one thing that this finale gave to all the tennis lovers in the world is that they get a new star whose name is ‘Naomi Osaka.’