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What do Indian State Elections 2018 results tell us?

“In a game, we either win or lose, sometimes because of luck also. But politics is no game. Election results reflect the work.” #AssemblyElections2018 The results of elections in five Indian states saw a dramatic change in the country’s political… Continue Reading →

Paul Allen – A great Businessman and Philanthropist

“The possible is constantly being redefined, and I care deeply about helping humanity move forward.” – Paul Allen Paul Gardner Allen was an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. Alongside Bill Gates, Allen co-founded Microsoft in 1975.  Allen was also the… Continue Reading →

What does Social Media think about Google’s decision to shut Google+?

“Google is my best friend and my worst enemy. It’s fabulous for research, but then it becomes addictive. I’ll have a character eating an orange, and next thing I’m Googling types of oranges, I’m visiting chat rooms about oranges, I’m… Continue Reading →

Social Media Analysis of Apple’s September 2018 event

“We live in America where each and every person has the equal opportunity to take their iPhone or a smartphone and create something and put it online and have the equal ability to blow up and be successful. It’s a… Continue Reading →

Social Media Analysis of 2018 US Open Final

“I’ve had to learn to fight all my life – got to learn to keep smiling. If you smile things will work out.”-Serena Williams The 2018 US Open tournament concluded last week and Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams in the… Continue Reading →

Achieving the unachievable: $1 Trillion Market cap!

“As a company itself, Apple is very easy to understand. They’re really not a complex company.” – John Gruber Started in a garage of co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976, Apple has changed how consumers connect with one another and how… Continue Reading →

Social Media Analysis of Pakistan Elections

“It’s more important to try to do something for the crores of poor people of my country.” – Imran Khan The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), led by 65-year-old Imran Khan, has emerged as the single largest party in the National Assembly… Continue Reading →

Social Media Analysis on Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an approach focused on creating and sharing valuable content with the right audience to foster relationship. Majority of leading brands are using effective content marketing strategy as it help brands connect and engage with audience and drive… Continue Reading →