“Google is my best friend and my worst enemy. It’s fabulous for research, but then it becomes addictive. I’ll have a character eating an orange, and next thing I’m Googling types of oranges, I’m visiting chat rooms about oranges, I’m learning the history of the orange.”- Liane Moriarty

A few weeks after Google announced that they would be shutting down Google Inbox, Google announced that Google+ will be shut down in the next few months. This announcement came on the heels of a recent data breach that happened on the Google+ during March of this year.

Launched in 2010, Google+ was Google’s attempt to create a social media platform to beat facebook after the failure of Orkut, which was launched before Facebook. While it may not have been as successful as its competitors, Google+ still had a dedicated following because perceived impact of Google+ on SEO.

We used our social media management software, myRosys, to analyze social media conversations around the shutting down of Google+ and analyzed the user sentiments. Here are our findings:

Word Cloud shows the prominent keywords used on various social media platforms related to the Google+ shut down. We discovered that “Breach”,  “Data,” ‘Google” and “Exposed” were used most prominently on social media platforms.  World Cloud - Goolge+

Sentiment Analysis of the posts shows a neutral sentiment of users, whereas word sentiment analysis shows a negative sentiment.  

Sentients Analysis - Google+

Posts on Twitter got the largest number of likes and engagement by the users.

Likes - Google+

Top retweeted posts show people are very unhappy with the data breach news first from Facebook and now from Google.

Retweet - Google+

People use Google and related services in their everyday life, but the recent data breach which is now exposed will decrease their trust in Google for sure.