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Caravan from Mexico

“No level of border security, no wall, doubling the size of the border patrol, all these things will not stop the illegal migration from countries as long as a 7-year-old is desperate enough to flee on her own and travel… Continue Reading →

What does Social Media think about Google’s decision to shut Google+?

“Google is my best friend and my worst enemy. It’s fabulous for research, but then it becomes addictive. I’ll have a character eating an orange, and next thing I’m Googling types of oranges, I’m visiting chat rooms about oranges, I’m… Continue Reading →

Achieving the unachievable: $1 Trillion Market cap!

“As a company itself, Apple is very easy to understand. They’re really not a complex company.” – John Gruber Started in a garage of co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976, Apple has changed how consumers connect with one another and how… Continue Reading →

Social Media Analysis on Google’s update – No more Google instant search

Google have decided to stop showing search results as you type – a feature rolled out in 2010. The reason shared by google to why Instant Search is going away is that over 50% of users do their searches on… Continue Reading →

Google Plus Integration to Be Dropped from Google Products, Starts with YouTube

Google took a new step on Monday with the company announcing it would stop forcing users to use a Google Plus account with Google products, with the first disentanglement being delivered to its YouTube video service. With the changes, Google… Continue Reading →