“No level of border security, no wall, doubling the size of the border patrol, all these things will not stop the illegal migration from countries as long as a 7-year-old is desperate enough to flee on her own and travel the entire length of Mexico because of the poverty and the violence in her country.” – Jeh Johnson

The caravan of refugees and migrants of more than 5,000 people is making its way to the US-Mexico border. These people are looking for asylum in the US due to the political disturbance, poverty, and violence.

We used our social media management software, myRosys, to analyze social media conversations around the caravan from Mexico to the U.S. and analyzed the user sentiments. Here are our findings:

  • Word Cloud – It shows that the prominent keywords used on various social media platforms related to the caravan heading to the US. We discovered that “Caravan”, “Mexico”, and “Migrant” were used most prominently on the social media platforms.

Word Cloud - Caravan

  • Sentiment Analysis: Analysis of the posts shows a neutral sentiment of users, whereas word sentiment analysis shows a negative sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis - Caravan

  • Top Liked Posts: Posts on Twitter got the largest number of likes and engagement by the users.

Top Like - Caravan

  • Top Retweeted posts: Top retweeted posts show people have mixed reaction over the caravan heading to the US.

Top Retweet - Caravan

Social Media posts show that people are divided into two groups, one who is supporting the caravan and other who is opposing the caravan, with the majority opposing the caravan. It will be a matter of time when the caravan reaches the US-Mexico border and its feat will be determined.